As soon as our engineers learned that JRC made an affordable and compact radar unit, the decision was clear: Mount it on a truck and go storm chasing! Here are some photos taken on September 11, 2000 in Mission, Kansas.
A time lapse photo of the storm.

The range was set to 12 miles.

The chase vehicle with the radar antenna mounted.
Here is a description of the JRC1000 unit available from West Marine.

For fast powerboats, the rapid antenna speed (32 RPM) refreshes the image frequently for the most up to date picture possible.

The display is a 6'' diagonal LCD with 320 x 240 resolution.

The enclosed radome is only 12'' in diameter, and weighs under 10 lb. Horizontal beamwidth is 7°, and vertical beamwidth is 30°.

Minimum 1/8-mile range for harbor navigation; 9 other ranges are easily selected.
Measure the position of targets by simply moving the cursor to their location.

North-Up or Course-Up operation modes with optional NMEA input.

1/4 radius offset increases look-ahead range.

Inputs for NMEA data from GPS or Loran C and a magnetic compass are provided. If NMEA data is available, the 1000 will show the information on the display.

Automatic tuning feature.

On-screen VRM and EBL for relative target measurements.

Rain interference rejection and sea clutter controls for the best possible image.

Display measures 7.4''W x 8''H x 4.9''D with bracket. Includes 10m cable.

Maximum Range: 16 nm Antenna Type: 12'' Radome, 7° x 30°

Transmit Power: 1.5 kW Display Type: 6'' LCD, 320 x 240 res.

Power Draw 12V: 2.0A

Antenna Wt: 8.8 lb.''

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