This radio controlled model steamboat was built to test the feasability of using a Wilesco D456 steam engine to power a boat. This boat was built from scratch using an original design. It is constructed of styrofoam, plywood, basswood, and balsa

Here is a shot of the radio controls and the drive pulley. The puley was turned on a lathe from a piece of 4" round aluminum bar.

The "ANNA"

This is my radio controlled steam launch under construction. It is the "ANNA" kit manufactured by Krick boats of Germany. This boat is powered by the Cheddar Models "Pintail Vertical" power plant. The boiler is fired by a butane/propane mixture. The double cylinder oscillating engine features a reversing valve which is under servo control.

Here is the engine and boiler prior to assembly

Here is the completed boat happily chugging along...

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