We at Dangerous Laboratories realize that the sun is the biggest energy source of all, and its power is free!

DLI engineers have been hard at work testing solar panels like the following:

Behold the 46 watt (18 amp/hours per day) siemens high efficiency PV panel!

Our staff mounted this on the roof and ran 20 feet of12 ga. Romex wire into the building.

It points due west at a 45 degree angle. This allows it to run at maximum output during the late afternoon (the hottest part of the day).

This is a 12v fan which draws about 3 amps. It starts up about 11:30 in the morning and reaches full speed about 2:00. It provides a nice breeze until about 1 hour before sundown
This panel produces 5 watts at .3 amps (1.9 amp hours/day) This would be great for topping off a battery in a boat or car, or powering a mobile communications network.
Check out Solar Panels with Special Uses by Isabella Woods These Solar Panels are available through West Marine


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