Our team (accompanied by two bona-fide geologists) visited Ruggles Mine, a fee mine in Grafton, NH. Their brochure advertises uranium minerals such as Uranophane, Uranospinite, Torbernite, and Autunite.

After extensive prospecting, we managed to locate just one vein of radioactive rock and immediately started hammering. (notice the sparks)

(Quicktime Movie 204k- Sound)

After sifting through a few pounds of rock fragments, we managed to sort out some uraniferous material.

This rock contains mica and possibly uranophane

The number for Ruggles Mine is (603) 523-4275. They are open mid-June to mid-October (daily), and mid-May to mid-June (weekends only). The cost (as of this writing) was $15 per person.

This location did not yield a great amount of specimens, but was worth visiting just to explore its many tunnels.

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