DISCLAIMER: Distilling without a license may be against the law where you live! Be sure to check the local, state, federal, and/or national laws of your country before distilling!

Dangerous laboratories does not condone or practice illegal distilling in any way, shape or form. The information provided herein is for educational and informational purposes only.


3 Parts Corn Meal by weight (coarsely ground if possible)

3 Parts White Cane Sugar by weight

1 Part Brewer's Malt by weight (available at brew supply house)

1 packet Yeast

1/2 Cup Orange Juice

1. Mix the Orange Juice and Yeast in a glass. Set this glass aside until step 9. Leave the glass at room temperature.

2. Mix the Corn Meal and Sugar in a bowl.

3. Fill a pot with 1 gallon of water for each pound of corn/sugar mixture.

4. Heat water to 120 degrees fairenheit (use a meat thermometer). Do not let this mixture get hotter than 140 degrees fairenheit. Slowly stir in corn/sugar/malt mixture.

5. Cook this mixture called "Mash" about 1 hour on low heat (stirring occasionally to avoid burning the mash). Keep mixture at 120 degrees fairenheit, no hotter than 140 degrees.

6. Remove a small amount of the cooking mixture and put in a disposable cup. Add a few drops of tincture of iodine to this mixture in the disposable cup. If the mixture turns a dark purple, the mash hasn't cooked all the way. If the mixture is only slightly purple, it is fully cooked. Throw out the disposable cup and its contents. NOTE - DON'T REUSE THIS MIXTURE OF IODINE AND MASH. IODINE IS POISONOUS.

7. If the mash has cooked all the way, proceed to step 8. If the mash isn't done, cook it for a bit longer (maybe 15 minutes), and go back to step 6.

8. Wait until the mash has cooled to room temperature.

9. Add the orange juice/yeast mixture as soon as it (the orange juice/yeast mixture) is foaming slightly on the top.

10. Put the mash in a suitable container for fermenting. You can use an old plastic milk jug or a plastic water cooler bottle. There should be some room at the top to hold the foam that will be created. DO NOT CAP OFF OR CLOSE THIS CONTAINER SO IT IS AIRTIGHT! THIS PROCESS CREATES LARGE AMOUNTS OF CARBON DIOXIDE GAS WHICH WILL CAUSE A CONTAINER TO EXPLODE WITHOUT WARNING! You can use cheesecloth or a handkerchief to cover the container. The best thing to use is an airlock (found at a brewer's supply house). Make sure to keep the container at room temperature (65-80 degrees fairenheit). Extreme temperatures will destroy the fermentation process.

11. After 10 days, taste a few drops of the mixture. If it tastes like alcohol or is slightly sour, it is ready. If it tastes sweet, mix up some new orange juice/yeast mixture and go back to step 9.

12. Strain the mixture through a screen or coffee filter and proceed to the distilling process

1 pound = 453 grams
1/3 pound = 149 grams