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List of materials for project

Hardware Store

1/4" copper tubing (at least 8 feet)

tubing cutter

1/4" spring tubing bender

meat thermometer

"Goop" brand sealant/glue or similar type silicone sealant

tape measure or yardstick


power drill w the following size bits: 1/4", 3/16", 1/8"

rubber stopper or cork that is sized to fit the mouth of the teakettle

a medium size nail

a rubber band

leather or canvas gloves

Light (22 gauge) steel wire

Department Store (Wal-Mart etc..)

stainless steel (not aluminium - it will corrode) teakettle (the larger the better)

IMPORTANT - Check to make sure that the teakettle has only one opening (at the mouth). Teakettles that have a removable top will leak!

measuring cup

tennis ball can

aquarium charcoal (for fish tank filter)

electric hotplate

Grocery Store

1 quart of corn syrup (Karo brand or similar) or Molasses. Note: Sorghum Molasses makes an EXCELLENT finished product.
Use about 3 1/2 pounds Sorghum Molasses to one gallon water. Sorghum Molasses may be hard to locate. Generally it is found at
"country stores". It is also available on the internet. It is well worth seeking out, as it makes a very tasty end product!

1 package Fleischmann's active dry yeast

2 plastic 1-gallon milk or water jugs

permanent marker

vegetable oil (olive oil, corn oil, etc...)

large funnel

coffee filters

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