Microwave Ball Lightning
This diabolical contraption is made from parts salvaged from an old microwave oven. The magnetron, cooling fan, capacitor, HV diode, light, and waveguide tube were re-assembled and enclosed in sheet metal duct. A stick of incense was lit and placed inside the microwave chamber. A small glass of water was placed in the end of the chamber to avoid overheating the magnetron. The water absorbs the excess microwave energy and allows the unit to operate safely.

The device was then powered up from a safe distance away.

Watching the gas ionize and turn into plasma was an entertaining experience!

The plasma really got going in a hurry!

See a Quicktime Movie of this (650k)

Checking for leaks with a "microwave leakage detector" (safety first)!
Towards the end, we got less plasma, but more arcing noise

See a Quicktime Movie of this (380k)

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